the Final Official Count:

YES: 310,794, 78.08%
NO: 87,240, 21.92%

(it needed a simple majority to pass)

Many thanks for your support!





Renew Santa Clara County’s
Park Charter Fund

Vote Yes on
Measure A
June 2016




Measure A will direct money from the General Fund to provide stable funding for our parks – without raising taxes.

Measure A will ensure safe, updated park facilities.

Measure A will ensure our future – improving access to parks and trails for everyone.


Measure A is endorsed by

Mercury News

Hundreds of community leaders

Your neighbors

Add your name!




Vasona County Park


·  Read the Ballot Argument

·  View a presentation on the Charter Fund (or B&W for printing)

·  See the informational flyer and a map of County Parks

·  Contribute to the campaign!

·  Contact us for more information!


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Yes On Parks! bylaws (2/4/17)


L. Ames, 2/4/17